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I’ve Moved My Blog!!

June 22, 2010



Interactive as NUTS

June 9, 2010

Prison Valley

I found this interactive web documentary about the prison industry, a one-hour documentary, broken up into parts, that allows you to make stops along the way and pick up other pieces of information. It also integrates a discussion forum, blog, a slideshow iPhone app, and allows you to leave messages for various characters.

Probably the most interactive thing I’ve ever seen, and a really smart approach to handling so much information on a really complex issue.

jakarta punks

May 26, 2010
dodi dislike at the taring babi punk collective house in jakarta, indonesia

Dodi sings for a d-beat band called Dislike, and is one of the founding members of the Taring Babi collective.

jakarta punk kid patches his pants at the taring babi collective house

A young punk patches his pants at the Taring Babi (Boar's Tooth) collective house.

These are just a couple from my January trip to Jakarta. Hopefully I’ll be doing a larger project on this punk collective for my Master’s project in the fall.

badminton kids

May 21, 2010

kids play badminton in jakarta, indonesiakids play badminton in jakarta, indonesia

These are from my January trip to Jakarta, Indonesia. I was visiting the punk collective house Taring Babi, located on the outskirts of town, and this open lot was right next door. The neighborhood kids use it as their playground for sports, and on this particular day were playing badminton, sans net.


May 21, 2010
helicopter over potomac river and key bridge

A small crowd gathers to watch as a helicopter flies over the Potomac River in Washington, DC in search of somebody who had reportedly jumped off the Key Bridge on January 25, 2010.

okay i am no longer going to pretend i’m doing a photo a day

May 13, 2010

but here’s some stuff from the trip to Bloomington, Indiana:

punks vs chads frat party crashers using a beer bong

punks vs. chads!

punks vs chads frat party crashers

wooooo! college!!

punks vs chads frat party crashers in bloomington, indiana

throwin the goat

So the punk outing to Bloomington, Indiana went well, it turns out that weekend happened to be Indiana University’s biggest party weekend of the year. Earlier in the day Gabe and Ben had attempted to crash this fraternity’s party, but were told it was a closed party. The second time around proved more fruitful.

Daughters of the Sun @ The Hairhole

April 26, 2010
daughters of the sun from minneapolis, minnesota play the hairhole in columbia, missouri

Daughters of the Sun from Minneapolis play the Hairhole, a d.i.y. space in Columbia. This was one of the best shows i've seen in a long time. They had a similar live vibe to the Religious Girls from Oakland.

outside the hairhole in columbia, missouri

Outside the Hairhole